Speech Therapy FAQ's

1.  Are Speech Therapy and Audiology Services covered by my insurance?

2.  How long does a typical Speech Therapy session last?

3.  Are family and friends encouraged to attend therapy with the patient?

4.  Do I need to fast for a Modified Barium Swallow (MBS)?

5.  What is the difference between a Barium Swallow and a Modified Barium Swallow (MBS)?

Jefferson Regional Medical Center accept most major insurance plans.
Outpatient Speech Therapy typically lasts an hour while inpatient Speech Therapy last 30 minutes.
Family and friends are encouraged to attend therapy with the patient to monitor progress and to provide the speech-language pathologist with information regarding the patient's baseline functions in cognition, speech and swallowing.
No, eating and drinking prior to the test will not affect the results.
A Barium Swallow is used to assess the entire esophagus and is performed by a radiologist.  A Barium Swallow is typically used to identify strictures, acid reflux/GERD, and motility disorders.
A Modified Barium Swallow (MBS) is used to assess for swallowing difficulty that involves the mouth and pharynx.  A MBS is typically used to assess for aspiration and is performed by a Speech Language Pathologist.


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