The Heart Institute at Jefferson Regional provides comprehensive electrophysiology services offering the most advanced diagnostic and treatment tools to control or cure a variety of heart arrhythmias. Diagnostic testing such as tilt table testing and electrophysiology studies provide feedback to the physician on the type of heart arrhythmia associated with a patient’s condition. This testing allows the physician to choose the best path for treatment.

A specially-trained physician, an electrophysiologist, and the staff at The Heart Institute provide the highest level of cardiac care for treatment of heart arrhythmias. Treatment of these arrhythmias can include medication therapy and/or invasive therapy.


The Heart Institute provides all procedures necessary to treat these medical conditions, including:

 Electrical Cardioversion

 Pacemaker Implantation

 Internal Cardiac Defibrillator Implantation

 Bi-Ventricular Pacemaker Implantation

 Ablation (radiofrequency ablation)

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