Our team of dermatologists is highly skilled in diagnosing and treating patients with disorders of the skin, mouth, and hair and nails, such as the following conditions.

  • Skin cancers
  • Melanomas, moles, and other tumors of the skin
  • Contact dermatitis and other allergic and non-allergic disorders

Dermatologists can also develop treatment plans for patients with cosmetic disorders such as hair loss and scars.

At Jefferson Regional Medical Center, dermatologists can perform specialized diagnostic procedures such as microscopic examination of skin biopsies, cytological smears, patch tests, and photo tests.

Jefferson Regional Medical Center dermatologists can also help patients keep skin healthy. We offer annual screenings for skin cancer. View our Calendar of Events for information about upcoming screenings.

For more information about Dermatology at Jefferson Regional Medical Center, call us at 412-469-7000.

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