Speak Up

If you don't understand: ASKIf You Don’t Understand, Ask!

At Jefferson Regional, our goal is to create a culture where patients feel empowered to ask questions. We developed the “Speak Up” program to encourage interactive communication, break down barriers and improve patient and family education.

By following these guidelines, you can
Take Health Matters into Your Own Hands.”    

  • It’s your body and you have a right to know.
  • Ask questions - even if you feel embarrassed.
  • Expect health care workers to introduce themselves when they enter your room. It’s OK to look for their identification badges.
  • Expect physicians and caregivers to clean their hands before they provide care to you.
  • It’s OK to remind everyone to clean his or her hands before entering and when leaving your room.
  • If you have any questions about the medical equipment used in your care, please ask.
  • Gather information about your condition, diagnosis, tests, and treatment plan. Good sources include your doctor and nurse.
  • Write down questions to ask your caregivers.
  • Know what papers you are signing.
  • Your advocate can ask questions on your behalf.
  • Your advocate can also help remember answers to questions you have asked.
  • Ask about the purpose of the medication and ask for written information.
  • If you do not recognize a medication, verify that it is for you.
  • Be involved.
  • Speak up and participate in your care.
  • Ask about your options.
  • Before you leave the hospital, make sure you understand your discharge instructions.


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