During Your Stay

Jefferson Regional Medical Center has a full range of amenities and services to make your stay more comfortable. Descriptions of these are below.


Bank Machine

For your convenience, an automated banking machine is located on the lobby floor of Jefferson Regional Medical Center, adjacent to the visitor elevators.

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To have your hair cut and/or styled, call 412-469-5195 to request an appointment. Services are provided on Sunday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday starting at noon in the privacy of your room. There is an additional cost for this service. Payment is due at the time services are provided.

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Cell Phone Usage

Cell phone usage is permitted in lobbies/reception areas, J-Café, hospital exterior and parking areas and the Guest Shoppe. This guideline applies to two-way radios, cellular, Bluetooth, wi-fi or any wireless handheld devices and other equipment utilizing cell technologies. Cell phones must be turned off when entering restricted areas.

To protect patient privacy, cell phone cameras are NEVER to be used within the hospital.

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Food and Nutrition

A Food Service Associate will visit you between 8 and 9:30 a.m. each day to take your order for lunch and dinner. Our "Heart Healthy" menu offers two entree specials and six alternative choices for lunch and dinner. You will be asked for your preferences for each meal. Please call ext. 5796 if you were not in your room to make your meal selections.

Meal delivery times depend on your location. The meal periods are:
Breakfast: 7 to 9:30 a.m.
Lunch: 11 a.m. to 1:30 p.m.
Dinner: 4 to 6:30 p.m.

An explanation of special diets can be provided by a registered dietitian. These diets include prudent heart, diabetic, low sodium, soft and mechanical soft texture.

Please tell your food service associate if you:

  • Have trouble CHEWING or SWALLOWING.
  • Would prefer double or half-sized portions.
  • Receive a supplement (milkshake or nutritional drink) and do not like it.
  • Would like an evening snack.
  • Have questions about your prescribed diet.
  • Are unhappy with your meal and want a substitute.
  • Have any barriers with communication (language, hearing, vision or other impairments) and would like paper menus for a family member to fill out.

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How to Call For Assistance

Do not hesitate to call for assistance. Your room is equipped with a nurse-call system. To summon assistance, press the call button attached to your bed rail. When the operator answers your call, state your request. The operator will promptly relay the request to your nurse.

Another call button is located on the bathroom wall within easy reach. If you need assistance for any reason while you are in the bathroom, pull the cord to activate the button. A nurse will respond promptly.

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Living Wills & Advanced Directives

For more information or help in drafting a living will or an advanced directive, call Case Management at 412-469-7556.

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Your mail will be delivered unopened. If you need help to open or read your mail, please ask any member of the nursing staff for assistance.

Greeting cards addressed to patients can be sent via U.S. Mail to:
Jefferson Regional Medical Center
Attn: (Name of Patient)
PO Box 18119
Pittsburgh, PA 15236

Inpatients can also receive free e-cards that can be sent through our web site. Go to the e-card page for more information and to send a message.

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Patient Representative

A full-time patient representative is employed by the hospital. If you have questions, concerns or needs that are not met, ask a staff member for help or call our patient representative at 412-469-5178. You can call Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. At any other time, please contact the nursing supervisor.

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Personal Appliances

To provide a safe patient environment, free of electrical and fire hazards, Jefferson Regional suggests that patients bring only the following personal appliances with them: electric razor, hair dryer, curling iron and battery-operated entertainment devices. No wall outlet-powered entertainment devices are permitted. Please be sure to have your nurse check the appropriateness and use of your personal appliances. The hospital is not responsible for personal items brought with you during your stay.

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We recognize that your health is a very personal matter and we are committed to assuring your privacy. Please let us know throughout your stay if you have any questions about how your health information is being used, or if you have any concerns about your privacy.

Read our Notice of Privacy Practices.

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Room Transfer Policy

Our goal is to make your stay as comfortable as possible. In some cases, your condition may warrant a transfer to another patient care unit. We will strive to make this transfer in a comfortable and timely manner. Your physician will determine when this transfer is necessary based on your condition.

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Security services are provided 24 hours a day, 7 days a week at Jefferson Regional Medical Center for the benefit of patients, visitors and employees. Security guards routinely patrol the hospital and parking areas. If you or your family need escort service to a parked vehicle or other assistance, contact Security at 412-469-5072.

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Spiritual Care and Ethics

Members of the Spiritual Care Department provide counseling, comfort and support to patients, families and others. Clergy of all faiths are welcome and encouraged to visit as often as patients wish. We are happy to notify your clergy of your stay if you desire. It is our policy not to notify your clergy person without your permission. Visitation by our spiritual care staff is by your request.

A chaplain is available to provide consultation as needed in order to prevent or resolve ethical conflicts and dilemmas.

Issues may include the need for information about advance directives (living wills and durable powers of attorney) and questions about patient rights or treatment planning, including information about withholding or withdrawing treatment. If you would like to consult with a chaplain, ask a staff member or call 412-469-5855, Monday through Friday, from 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. During the weekend or evening hours, call the patient care supervisor.

The Echement Family All Faiths Chapel is located on the first floor, adjacent to the Jefferson Regional Medical Center lobby, just beyond the admissions area. It is open daily to patients and visitors. Patients wishing to visit the chapel should first ask a nurse for permission to leave their room.

  • Roman Catholic Mass is celebrated on Thursdays at 9:30 a.m. A non-denominational Reflection and Meditation service is held on Tuesdays from 10 until 10:15 a.m. Both services are televised live from the Echement Family All Faiths Chapel on channel 7 on the patient room TV.
  • Dial-a-Prayer is available by calling ext. 4848.
  • Holy Communion is distributed to Roman Catholic patients throughout the week. Communion is also available to non-Catholic patients by calling ext. 5855.

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Telephone Service

All patient rooms are equipped with telephones. Your family and friends can dial your room directly by using the number posted on your telephone. All patient phones have a volume control that amplifies the incoming voice. This is located either on the hand set or in the lower right corner of the phone base. The daily fee for phone service is not covered by your insurance. Please pay your telephone bill at the cashier's office, located in the hospital lobby, before you leave the hospital.

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Television Service

Patients enjoy 45 channels of popular enertainment, news, local and sports programming. A television attendant will visit you daily to collect a small fee for television service. We accept cash and personal checks payable to the Auxiliary of Jefferson Regional Medical Center. You may pay in advance and if you are discharged sooner than expected, the TV attendant will refund the difference. There is no TV charge for the day of your discharge.

If you prefer not to purchase the television service, you still have access to the Patient Teaching Channels at no cost to you. Your TV attendant has a listing of the Teaching Channel programming. Educational programs on diabetes, cancer, renal disease, heart disease, and orthopedic procedures are available on the patient channels. Weekly chapel services are also programmed.

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Valuable items should be left at home while you are in the hospital. If you are admitted via the Emergency Department, we advise that you arrange for your valuables to be taken home. If that is not possible, items may be stored in the hospital safe at the cashier's office on the first floor lobby. If you keep valuables with you, it is at your own risk. The hospital does not replace, or accept responsibility for lost items during your stay.

If you wear dentures, a hearing aid, eyeglasses or contact lenses, please keep them in a storage case labeled with your name.

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