Sign-On Instructions

Accessing the Learning System

At Work

At Home
  • Click on Internet Explorer and the JRMC Intranet page will appear. If not, type jrintranet in the address bar and hit enter.
  • Click on NetLearning in the navigation menu.
  • Click on "Log on to the on-line learning center" and follow the steps below.
  • In your internet browser, go to
  • From the home page, click on "Online Learning Center" under Medical Staff in the bottom navigation
  • Click "Sign On" on the left or bottom of the page and follow the steps below.

1.  The NetLearning homepage for Jefferson Regional Medical Center employees will appear.
2.  In the login box, type in your user ID  (the first four letters of your last name and the last four digits of your social security number)
     EX: Mary Johnson, SS# 987-65-4321, her user ID would be JOHN4321
     If your last name has only 2 or 3 letters, use Xs so that you have 4 places.
     EX: Mary Day, SS# 123-45-6789, her user ID would be DAYX6789

3.  Your password is jefferson

Navigating the NetLearning Learning Center:

When you first login you will see three boxes:

  • My courses/classes box (where you will find any assigned courses)
  • My completions box (this a record of your completed courses/classes)
  • My recertifications (a reminder of any clinical recerts)

You will see these 3 boxes from the Main tab. If you click on the Reports tab, you will see the 3 types of reports you can access for reference.

  • Curriculum Assessment
  • Enrollments & Completions
  • Transcripts (type you will use the most)

You will also have a Main Menu drop down list. From this drop down list you can:

  • Edit your profile
  • Enter information regarding any license that you may have. (RN, CRNP, etc.)
  • Access the HELP section for any questions you may have about NetLearning.

To log out of the learning system, use the Sign Out button next to the Main Menu drop down list.

 Sign On to the Online Learning Center

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