JRMC Diagnostics Integration

JRMC Diagnostics Website's New Home

On July 1, 2012, JRMC Diagnostics and Jefferson MRI officially integrated with Jefferson Regional Medical Center.  This integration will not impact the quality of care and service you expect and deserve. 

As a result, the JRMC Diagnostics website has been integrated into jeffersonregional.com.  Commonly used features on the JRMC Diagnostics website can now be found here:

More streamlined services, focused on a greater continuity of care.

Your patient testing results, whether done at a community outpatient location or at the hospital, will be available in one location - in the Jefferson Regional electronic medical record.

 Although you can still contact all community locations directly as you currently do, we will be utilizing a single central scheduling phone number for patients and offices to schedule appointments.  This number, available on July 2, 2012, is 412-469-5234.

 Our JRMC Diagnostic Services radiologists, and your access to them, will not change.

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