Stress Management

Jefferson Regional Medical Center Behavioral Health Care provides a stress management services with an array of methods available to help you with your stress management concerns.  It is ever so common these days for stress to develop due to a number of factors in life.  Attempting to balance our personal lives with work and business responsibilities can become very challenging.  Our skilled therapists are trained to provide you with the most recent advances in strategies to manage the stress of the pressures we all face today. 

For example, we can help you to learn a variety of relaxation techniques and recommendations for how to take better care of yourself.  You can also learn specific strategies to be most successful in the workplace to help overcome procrastination, pressures of time and volume requirements of work. 

We can work with you if you are experiencing family and marital stress through therapy methods that help you learn to set limits and boundaries when needs, and to learn better ways of understanding and functioning in difficult family situations that can cause significant levels of stress.

Medical problems and conditions certainly do create stress for us and our therapists have many years of training and experience working in a hospital and medical environment so they can be very helpful in assisting you to deal most effectively with stress related to your medical problems.

There are many other types of problems and issues that are related to stress in our lives and we look forward to working with you to develop the best stress management plan for you.

If you have interests or questions regarding our stress management services, please do not hesitate to all our main office number at 412-881-2255.

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