Ho-Ho-Holiday Stress

Jefferson Regional Counseling Services Can Help You Cope

The popular Christmas song reminds us that “It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year.”

While the winter holidays can be joyful, filled with good food, presents and quality time spent with family and friends, the busy season can leave us feeling stressed and overwhelmed.

Joseph Cvitkovic, PhD, director of behavioral healthcare services at Jefferson Regional Medical Center, says it is important to recognize that even good times can be stressful. People feel that there is not enough time to fit in everything. We often expect more from ourselves during the holidays and that places even more pressure on us.

 Our daily lives are already filled with responsibilities and activities that require our attention,” he says. “When you add the holiday stress we experience with shopping, sending cards and letters, planning dinners and parties and even attending various holiday events, our normal routine is disrupted and our stress multiplies exponentially.”

Sometimes we can have too much togetherness, and at other times, we feel lonely if we are not with family or have lost someone close to us, according to Dr. Cvitkovic.

To be able to enjoy the warmth and pleasures of the holiday season, it is important to have a plan to organize and balance your activities. Simplify your agenda. Be realistic in your expectations, particularly the desire for perfection and use your energy wisely.

Dr. Cvitkovic offers this advice: Be mindful of your feelings so you can maintain a sense of harmony, not only when singing holiday carols, but in keeping your physical, emotional and interpersonal well-being in tune throughout this joyous season.

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