Feeling Holiday Stress? We Can Help!

Parties, shopping, family gatherings, decorating: The holiday season can be full of excitement and high expectations for this time of year. But increased pressure can often lead to holiday stress.

Signs of stress may include racing thoughts, difficulty concentrating, and feeling impatient, worried or anxious. You might have sleep or appetite disturbances, mood swings, or physical complaints such as tension, headaches, fatigue, or stomachaches.

Allowing these symptoms to continue can worsen anxiety or physical conditions.

Remember: When stress begins to interfere significantly with everyday life, it's time to seek help.

The behavioral health care professionals with Jefferson Regional Counseling and Wellness Services, located at Caste Village in Whitehall, Brentwood Professional Plaza, and Jefferson Regional Outpatient Services Center in Pleasant Hills, can help you broaden your understanding of stress, and learn strategies to manage it.

Visit jeffersonregional.com or call 412-881-2255 for more details.

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