Take Control of Your Diabetes

If you’re one of nearly one million adults in Pennsylvania whose lives are impacted by diabetes, know that we can help you manage your disease.

During National Diabetes Month in November, the healthcare professionals at Jefferson Regional Medical Center reaffirm our commitment to educate people in our community living with diabetes. It is possible to maintain a healthier lifestyle through good nutrition, exercise and properly monitored medication.

Jefferson Regional offers help through our diabetes education program, “Take Control of Your Diabetes,” which focuses on ways to help you feel better. Certified Diabetic Educators teach participants the importance of healthy eating, stress management, how diabetes medicine works and how to prevent and treat diabetes complications such as low and high blood sugar.

Our program is recognized by the American Diabetes Association and is taught in three convenient locations: Jefferson Hills, Pleasant Hills and Brentwood. Individual counseling sessions are also available.

Joan McCarthy, manager, Outpatient Diabetes & Nutrition Education Services, coordinates the classes and says they are an excellent way to help diabetics who have concerns about their disease. “We want to empower men and women with the knowledge to effectively manage their diabetes,” she says. “We can make a difference in their lives.”

You can register for “Take Control of Your Diabetes” classes by calling 412-469-5400.

A schedule of class locations and times is available on our calendar of events.

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