Ambassador Program

As you have come to know, recovery from total joint replacement requires hard work and perseverance.  The encouragement of others, such as your physicians, nurses and therapists, can make a difference.  It helps to know you have a team behind you.

You Are A Success Story

We invite you to share your experiences and assist other patients with their recoveries by serving as an ambassador to the Joint Care Center.  In this role, you might visit with patients, provide testimonials about your experience, or simply cheer them on as they work toward reaching their goals.

Ambassadors are encouraged to provide:

  • Motivation and encouragement to orthopedic patients regarding therapy attendance and performance.
  • Interaction with both patients and families and proactively relay questions or concerns to caregivers.
  • Testimonials about their experiences with individual orthopedic patients or during group exercise class.
  • Testimonials about their experiences at our weekly pre-operative total joint class.
  • Testimonials about their experiences at our orthopedic-related seminars.

How to Apply

If you are interested in providing this important service to our patients, please call the Volunteer Services Department at 412-469-7032.  We're sure you'll find it a personally rewarding experience, and at the same time, you'll be doing something positive for your friends and neighbors.

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